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Tip of the Day with Tracey Stott Kelley

A survey refers to the process of locating and measuring a property's boundary lines.
Association Fees
Association fees are not always charged in January.
Exclusions when spouse has passed.
Tracey describes the amount of time you have after a spouse dies to still claim capital gains tax exclusion.
Owning a Home in the Name of a Trust
Tracey describes the need to have a bank account in the name of a trust to sell the home.
Paying Taxes on a Hawaii Rental Property
Tracey describes that taxes the Hawaii investment property owners must pay.
VA offers + non-allowables
Most offers we are seeing now do not have the seller paying the buyer non-allowable costs, which was quite prevalent years and years ago.
Selling with a POA when you have a Trust.
Tracey touches on the fact that not all Trust allow POAs.
Selling on Oahu when your residence is on the mainland.
Tracey discusses when you are an out of state resident and you sell a property on Oahu, there are fees collected upfront for capital gain taxes.
Have a file documents of Home Improvements
When you own a home, there are tax advantages for documenting the capital improvements when you sell. Tracey talks about a simple method that can make this easier even if you have owned a home for decades.
Filing for Home Exemption before Tax Year
Tracey tells you how to sign up for a home exemption so that you get the tax advantage as an owner occupant.
Can a married couple claim two places of residency?
Issues to be aware of with Owner-Builder Permits.
Tip of the Day: Seasoning of Funds.

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Current Oahu Homes for Sale
Area # Price Range
Central Oahu 44 $70k - $3.7m
Ewa Plain 66 $325k - $2.0m
Diamond Head 250 $104k - $37.0m
Hawaii Kai 79 $30k - $18.9m
Kailua 68 $398k - $27.5m
Kaneohe 122 $70k - $3.7m
Leeward Coast 96 $118k - $2.3m
Makakilo 22 $160k - $1.5m
Metro Honolulu 1544 $38k - $25.0m
North Shore 144 $195k - $45.0m
Pearl City 66 $90k - $10.0m
Waipahu 33 $220k - $3.5m
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