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Tip of the Day with Tracey Stott Kelley

What is Depreciation?
Tracey shares a briefly discussion on What is Depreciation?
What is Residential-A?
Tracey describes what Residential-A means for Tax reasons.
Selling a Personal Residence vs a Second Home or an Investment Property.
Tracey explains the difference between a personal residence, a second home, or an investment property.
Seasoning of Funds.
Tracey shares a helpful tip on how to prove that your funds for a downpayment when ready to purchase, have been seasoned for 60-90 days.
Issues to be aware of with Owner-Builder Permits.
Tracey addresses the issues you may have if you get a permit under Owner-Builder Status.
Can a married couple claim two places of residency?
Tracey shares a perfect example on how to make this possible.
Filing for Home Exemption before Tax Year
Tracey tells you how to sign up for a home exemption so that you get the tax advantage as an owner occupant.
Have a file documents of Home Improvements
When you own a home, there are tax advantages for documenting the capital improvements when you sell. Tracey talks about a simple method that can make this easier even if you have owned a home for decades.
Selling on Oahu when your residence is on the mainland.
Tracey discusses when you are an out of state resident and you sell a property on Oahu, there are fees collected upfront for capital gain taxes.
Selling with a POA when you have a Trust.
Tracey touches on the fact that not all Trust allow POAs.
VA offers + non-allowables
Most offers we are seeing now do not have the seller paying the buyer non-allowable costs, which was quite prevalent years and years ago.
Paying Taxes on a Hawaii Rental Property
Tracey describes that taxes the Hawaii investment property owners must pay.
Owning a Home in the Name of a Trust
Tracey describes the need to have a bank account in the name of a trust to sell the home.
Exclusions when spouse has passed.
Tracey describes the amount of time you have after a spouse dies to still claim capital gains tax exclusion.
Association Fees
Association fees are not always charged in January.
A survey refers to the process of locating and measuring a property's boundary lines.

Quick Pick Newsletter

Quick Pick Newsletter: Pali Lanes
Quick Pick Newsletter: Kilauea's New Name
Quick Pick Newsletter: Pearl Harbor
Quick Pick Newsletter: Koko Head, repairing and improving the trail.
Quick Pick Newsletter: The Criminal Justice Institute Report
Quick Pick Newsletter: Snorkeling
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Fun Fact Friday

Fun Fact Friday: Hawaii's State Bird
Fun Fact Friday: Dolphins
Fun Fact Friday: Humpback Whales
Fun Fact Friday: Mongoose
Fun Fact Friday: The Hawaiian Monk Seal.
Fun Fact Friday: Hawaiian Flag.
Fun Fact Friday: Snakes.
Fun Fact Friday: First Public Library
Fun Fact Friday: Triggerfish
Fun Fact Friday: The world’s largest wind generator.
Fun Fact Friday: Astronauts in Hawaii?
Fun Fact Friday: Captain J. Cook
Fun Fact Friday: Life Expectancy & Overweight
Fun Fact Friday: Milkshakes and Sharks
Fun Fact Friday: Birds & Billboards
Fun Fact Friday: Does Hawai'i Have a Thanksgiving Tradition?
Fun Fact Friday: I'olani Palace.
Fun Fact Friday: Origin of "Hawaii"
Fun Fact Friday: Duke Kahanamoku
Fun Fact Friday: Water Temperature
Fun Fact Friday: Real Poke
Fun Fact Friday: The cheapest listing on Oahu
Fun Fact Friday: The State Flower.

Another Day in Paradise

Another Day In Paradise: Hu'ula.
Another Day In Paradise: Shark Cove
Another Day In Paradise: North Shore
Another Day In Paradise: Waimanalo.
Another Day in Paradise: Having Fun
Another Day in Paradise: Surfing
Another Day in Paradise: Kaneohe
Another Day in Paradise: Just Chillin"
Another Day in Paradise: Ka'ena Point
Another Day in Paradise: Hanauma Bay
Another Day in Paradise: Waikiki Beach
Another Day in Paradise: Makapu'u Tide Pools
Another Day in Paradise: Makapuh'u
Another Day in Paradise: Koolina
Another Day in Paradise: Makaha.


Happy St. Patrick's Day
Happy New Year 2021
Merry Christmas
Black Friday Facts
Happy Veterans Day
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Current Oahu Homes for Sale
Area # Price Range
Central Oahu 50 $120k - $3.7m
Ewa Plain 46 $325k - $3.0m
Diamond Head 180 $75k - $33.0m
Hawaii Kai 46 $160k - $14.5m
Kailua 59 $398k - $25.0m
Kaneohe 81 $86k - $12.5m
Leeward Coast 92 $95k - $2.5m
Makakilo 17 $144k - $1.7m
Metro Honolulu 1167 $39k - $20.0m
North Shore 85 $249k - $18.5m
Pearl City 77 $70k - $10.0m
Waipahu 29 $191k - $3.5m
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