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Seller Testimonials for Stott Real Estate Services on Oahu

Clients describe what it was like to work with Tracey Stott Kelley and Stott Real Estate, Inc. when selling Oahu real estate.

Client Testimonial
Lynn Carey & Bob Grossman have been both Property Management clients and listing clients.
Client Testimonial
Stephen & Deb Cain have been buyer clients, property management clients and listing clients.
Client Testimonial
Steve Kittell sold his home with Stott Real Estate, Inc.
Client Testimonial
David Brown has sold several properties with Stott Real Estate, Inc. including a 1031 Exchange.
Client Testimonial
Jason & Kathy Wood have been both Property Management clients and listing clients.
Client Testimonial
John Gruhler sold his Kaneohe condo with Stott Real Estate, Inc.
Client Testimonial
Rick Kelly describes how it was working with Stott Real Estate, Inc.
Client Testimonial
LuAnn Gaylord sold her Makakilo condo with Stott Real Estate, Inc.
Client Testimonial
JP and Deb Micek bought and sold several homes using Stott Real Estate, Inc.
Client Testimonial
Leslie Hopf sold her property with Stott Real Estate, Inc.

Seller Testimonials

Aloha Tracey and Tim, It's been about a month since we closed the sale of our Hawaii Kai condo, and we wanted you to know how much you have both meant for the successful sale, and for our feeling very very good about the results. You are true professionals. We have been real estate investors long enough to know that you are a rare and precious center of excellence. While we have been formally acquainted for only a short time, we have known you much much much longer through your newsletters. When we first purchased the unit, we somehow joined your mailing list, and we've been avid readers ever since. At first we asked Tim and his team to manage the property. What an excellent job you did! Long festering problems were quickly dispatched. You have a team of true professionals who helped get our GET straight, provided clear and understandable statements on a clockwork basis, resolved festering maintenance matters and otherwise gave us great confidence that we and our tenants were in superb hands. Just as important we finally - after many years - started to see regular monthly cash flow from the property. While such performance may seem like "table stakes", after several decades as property owners, we know that it is not always the case.  We have had a long-term interest in slowly selling our real estate investments. In the case of the Hawaii Kai property, the opportunity to sell came sooner than we would have expected. But when that time came, Tracey did a great job of helping us understand the economics of the transaction and helped us see that the right time to sell had arrived. Tracey and her team did a great job of getting the property ready for sale and marketing it. Very importantly, Tracey was relentlessly positive, relentlessly communicative and relentlessly supportive - and also relentlessly realistic. We navigated the sale process well in large part due to her wise counsel and support. Tracey is not alone - you have built a great team of people both inside and outside Stott Real Estate who ensured that every aspect of the process, including the closing, went smoothly. We were especially impressed with how attentive the team has been even after the sale closed.  You are true professionals. Gems. We do hope we can do business again. Until then ....  Mahalo! Jim and Ann
Jim & Ann Lugannani
I am the Executive Director for a family estate consisting of my sister and eight cousins. My sister is the Executive Administrator. (Translated, that means I am the big thinker, and my sister does all the work. This is reasonable since I am seven years older and she had pestered me for much of our early life) The objective of the family estate was to generate income by renting the five units on the property. When my sister and I took over responsibility for running the estate, I was already uncomfortable with the property manager a cousin had originally chosen. I live in Virginia and my sister lives in Chicago. We were going to be remote landlords. My sister found the website of a firm in Kailua called Stott Property Management. She liked the website and I noted from testimonials that they did business with military owners that had been rotated to other assignments. Perfect, this firm was comfortable with working with remote landlords like us. Equally important, founder and his son-in-law (Tim) were from the nuclear navy. I am from the nuclear Army so I knew we both would be detail oriented. (In both the Navy and Army nuclear business, failure is not an option. A mistake is catastrophic, so Navy and Army nuclear officers do not make any?  Make a mistake and you become a civilian.) My sister and I reached out to Stott Property Management on our next visit to the islands and were comfortable with the company leadership and culture. My sister and I hired Stott Property Management. There was a learning curve, but very soon everything was running smoothly. They were used to executing mission orders and contacting us only when necessary. Overtime, my mother and her siblings continued to age and were passing on. My sister and I realized that our cousins had to decide whether to keep the property or sell it. The consensus was to sell. The good thing was that we were already comfortable with the company. They had a real estate side and I asked to have a meeting with that side of the company (Tracey). I think we were immediately comfortable with Tracey. My sister and I communicated with Tracey what our objective was and how I would operate. She gave us excellent advice on how to set up the powers of attorney so that I was the only person who could represent my sister and cousins. (This is one of the principles of war… Unity of Command. There was no confusion of who was in charge (and responsible) There were several barriers to success, and we systematically removed them so that when the last sibling passed, we could sell. Together, we spent hours working out the details to facilitate the eventual sale. Tracey was proactive in much of the work, and she was not yet under contract. Eventually that time came, and Tracey put the property on market. I thought the process we had put in place worked well. There were several false starts, but eventually we successfully completed the sale. Why did our association with Stott Property Management and later Stott Real Estate work so well?

 Mutual trust and respect. Basically, my sister and I trusted Tim and Tracey. In retrospect, Tracey had to trust us to do all the work she did while not yet under contract. Part of it was that Tim and I had military nuclear experience. I knew the quality of officer it took to be accepted into Admiral Rickover’s Navy.

2. Tim and Tracey are professionals. We had every confidence that they would execute my instructions to the letter. They would let me know if we needed to alter our instructions if there was a better way to meet my objectives. They both had decades of experience and particularly on the islands which have a special culture of its own.

Subject matter expertise. Tim and Tracey have been doing property management and real estate for decades. The know the ins and outs of the local laws and policies. It was so much easier for them to know the political winds than my sister and I from the mainland.

 Tim and Tracey both have superior interpersonal skills. Tim has a military bearing and as another military person, that worked well for me. With Tracey, her skills matched her responsibilities. She was outgoing and forward-looking. She was always discussing potential courses of action and the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. She was ever optimistic and upbeat.

Ethics. I was always assured that Tim; Tracey and we had the same ethics. It is a matter of trusting each other. In one particular case, Tracey and I had the same concern with the ethics of a potential buyer. We agreed to discontinue our negotiation with that person.

Poise under fire. There’re numerous times when some action on the property management side or the real estate side had to be accomplished in a short period of time. Both Tim and Tracey exhibited poised restraint while my sister and I coordinated my cousins’ actions. 

Both Tim and Tracey were responsive. Just as my sister and I had to be responsive to the demands of property management or real estate transactions, Tim and Tracey had to be responsive to us. This mutual responsiveness made our lives much easier.
Michael Yap
We’ve been with the Stott team for 14 years. They helped us buy our condo, manage it for 11 years, and then sell it for us in 2021 for a fabulous price! They provided us peace of mind as out-of-state owners and made the daunting task of selling our property while stationed overseas a smooth and easy process. The Stott team has always been responsive, thorough and professional with their communication and served as an excellent one-stop source for all of our Oahu real estate needs. 
Sara and Jared Voneida
Tracey Stott Kelley is a professional realtor that puts you at ease when discussing the sale of your home. She's very prepared with comparable listings and recently sold properties in the nearby areas and will recommend the listing price. Tracey conveys that she and her team will make the trensaction as smooth as possible and will work through any problems should they arise. She is very reachable about questions or concerns during the escrow process to the very end at closing.

This was our third transaction with Tracey Stott Kelley and we have always recommended her realty services to anyone looking for a professional realtor.
John and Peggy VonZedwitz
In the midst of a stressful move, it was the best relief to be able to turn everything over to Tracey with our complete trust. She is truly compassionate and understanding, and did everything in her power to make the process smooth for us. With her thorough research, intimate knowledge of the market, and the resources of the amazing team at Stott, every detail was taken care of, from the smallest to the largest. With a successful offer after only one day on the market, our heart felt thanks go to Tracey and Lynelle. Mahalo!
Chris and Steph Nelson
I never thought I'd think of a real estate experience as pleasant, but this one with Tracey Stott Kelley and her staff sure was! I met with several realtors to decide who would be the best to help me with the sale of our condo. Tracey was hands down the best for me. Besides knowing the market, she took the time to "talk story"and to get to know and her client - me. It was invaluable!

On our first meeting, she was able to answer my questions about power of attorney (two of the other owners were out of the country and I had the power of attorney), and HARPTA. The others referred me to someone else in their organizations. If I asked her opinion, she gave it me and did't hedge. This forthright approach was refreshing. Needles to say, our second meeting was to sign listing paperwork.

Her assistant, Lynelle was also a joy to work with. We put the condo on the market and two months later, the sale was done and recorded. The whole sale process was seamless -a tribute to Tracey and her staff.
Carolyn Stephens
Tracey and The Stott Team are masterful Realtors, but that's not all.

As an adult child of eldery parents, I hired Tracey to sell our family home. As for many, this was a big life changing event for us that we entrusted to Tracey's extremely capable hands. She led with both her smarts and heart in her holistic approach. She was a fierce ally and negotiator, consistently keeping a watchful eye on the bottom line, while remembering and being respecful that there were people and lives and a lifetime of history involved.

Tracey's keen, up-to-date knowledge of the market was spot on; She knew how to get to the most for our property while moving quickly. We also benefited immensely from her wealth of long term local community relationships, which in Hawaii are a priceless commodity, along with her world reach.

Tracey and her team were always a step or more ahead. Quick with house preparedness help, (vendor references, taging, furniture selling), she had us ready for each phase of the process well in advance.
Our home sold in a day, for an over-asking price. Under her guidance, we closed with ease.

I couldn't have imagined going through that phase of our lives without Tracey and The Stott Team. Lucky for us we didn't have to.
Jill Spencer
My wife and I couldn't have had a better experience selling our condo and this is all due to Tracey and her team. We give Tracey and her associate Lynelle our HIGHEST recommendation. I can't imagine there is a better team on the island selling properties. I truly believe that they would be successful doing anything together. One of the most positive experiences we have ever had between their communication, professionalism and knowledge they are the complete package.

They took the time to understand our needs and what we wanted to accomplish from this transaction. They gave sound advice and together we moved forward and never looked back. The sale was fast and event free. We currently live in Illinois, so the distance scared us in the beginning however as the process started to gain momentum, we were amazed at how smooth everything went from start to finish.

Pick Stott Realty or it will be your first mistake!!
Robert Eaton
We contacted Tracey after our eldery parents decided to sell their 50-year old, single wall construction house.
It sold quickly and closed escrow about six weeks from the day she put it on the market, even though it went on the market just before Christmas.The fast turnaround isn't because there was anything particularly outstanding about the property. It was because of Tracey''s outstanding skills.

Although I believe it was priced correctly, it actually sold slightly above asking price. Why? Because Tracey worked hard, is good at what she does, and managed to get multiple offers. The back-up offers she secured also put us in a better bargaining position when the results of the inspection came in.

Tracey is great at marketing, She's also a really good communicator, good at strategic negotiations, and pretty darned good at "meeting you where you're at" in terms of accomplishing your goals.

I'm glad we chose Tracey for selling the house. But I'm also convinced she'd be the one we'd turn if we ever decide to BUY a house here. She's the real deal, and you won't go wrong hiring her.
Conrad, Marjorie and Steve Davis
From start to finish, working with Tracey Stott Kelley and her associate Lynelle has been a very pleasant and profitable experience for me. Tracey sold my condo very quickly and negotiated and got a much higher price than I thought I would get. I definitely would not hesitate to recommend Tracey to anyone. She defenitely knows what she is doing and she is very very good at it.
Father Edward O'Reilly
Tracey and her excellent staff handled the sale of my house. They were professional and went above and beyond to help, since I live out of state.
Stott Property managed my rental and when I decided to sell, it was a very smooth transaction.
Ann Fickert
My wife and I have been through twenty five real estate transactions in our life but none was a professionally handled as our latest one because of Tracey Stott Kelley. Tracey is that talent and nailed the pricing. Tracey and her team kept us updated on a regular basis and we all we had to do was to sign documents. Tracey's optimistic personality and people skills made this transaction enjoyable which is not alway the case in real estate and we highly recommend her. If we do another transaction in Oahu, Tracey will be our only choice to handle it.
Anders and Lisbeth Lofvenholm
If you want to sell your house, Tracey's team is the BEST!!!! Very professional, very responsive, no-nonsense approach!!!! They have our HIGHEST recommendation.. Give her team a call...
JT Ash
Tracey was awesome to work with. Always there to answer all of our "many" questions. Her entire staff was always available to us. We would highly recommend Tracey....
Raynelle Ash
Tracey Has a positive attitude which really helped us get through a difficult escrow... She is encouraging and tenacious at the same time.
I recommend Tracey to be your agent!
Douglas and Mary Jo Howe
Tracey and her team sold our property quickly and efficiently in a matter of days. Her integrity and straight forward communication made the choice of selling our long time family property, on Ala Wai in Honolulu, Hawaii; a positive expericence.
Cris Dahl and Carol Miller
It was a pleasure working with Tracey Stott Kelley's entire team. Everyone was so responsive, and the condo sold so quickly and with multiple offers. We were amazed how smoothly everything went from listing to closing, and communication was super throughout the whole process. Truly a pleasant experience all the way around!!!
Thanks Again.
Kathy and Jeff Krebs
There are superstar salesmen and there are superstar human beings. Rarely do you find both in the same person or team. I did when I met The Stott Real Estate Team of Hawaii. You're immediately a part of their family. It's genuine, it's unconditional caring every step of the process. They listened to my needs. They understand, they're not just selling a property, they're care taking a memory, a part of your history and treated it as such. I never thought I would ever write a comment about real estate agency ending with " I loved the experience and the real Aloha Spirit that filled our time together" but here it is. They have my vote as the first inductee into the Real Estate Hall of Fame.
Bob Basso
From a distance, Tracey and her team got me through a difficult but successful sale. The frustrating part was that I never got the chance to meet any of them in person. They are deserved a glass of champagne! There were grandfather issues and a stay-over tenant which required extended, delicate handling. One of Tracey's skills was being kind and professional with the tenant and keeping me updated and reassured so my nerves were soothed. After my sale, Tracey sold a property for a friend; we are two satisfied sellers who would turn to Tracey and the team for any future real estate deals.
Aloha Windson
It was a pleasure working with Tracey during the sale of my townhouse. The sale turned to be a tricky one but Tracey skillfuly navigated us through the process to a successful closing. I believe Tracey's experience and professionalism along with an efficient, competent office staff were key factors in completing the sale. I especially admired her positive energy as we sorted out the complexities that had to be addressed. I give Tracey Stott Kelley very high ratings in her field.
Leslie Hopf
Tracey and her company recently sold my deceased mother's home for us. We had asked around from who had the same thing before us and a couple of them recommended Stott Realty for being proactive and really great to work with. We did a walthrough of the house back in December 2019 when we could, and she and I were on the same page about what needed to be done to make the house presentable to sell ( mom hadn't done any major work in over 10 years beyond necessary to keep the house functional). She arranged to have everything we couldn't sell or give away removed from the house so work could start. While the start of the work got a little delayed due to my nephew still being there longer than expected, the crew started as soon as they could to do the necessary work and worked around him until he could move out. Tracey convinced me to spend a little more to have the kitchen redone as well, and she had an excellent bid for the work that really added a lot of value to the final product, more than we spent in fact. Throughout the process, she gave me weekly updates on how things were going, issues that arose, and multiple options on how to address those issues and what each would cost. Since I'm in CA and was unable to get back to HI because of the COVID-19 lockdowns and quarantine, I relied on her completely to get this all finished. Throughout the roughly four months it took to complete everything, she or her staff patiently met the gardeners as well so the house didn't get overgrown, and met frequently with the contractors. When we finally went on the market, the house looked better than it had in 30 years and we got multiple offers in the first week, and accepted one above our asking price. While I can't recommend trying to do all this during a pandemic if you don't have to, if you have to, do so. I can deinitely recommend Stott Realty! A+++ experience in every regard.
Carolyn Richardson
Tracey was extremely helpful in selling our investment property in Ewa Beach jus as the COVID-19 pandemic was starting. After the tenants moved out, she and her team got the property in top shapefor showing. We had a solid offer after about 10 days of being on MLS. However, while in escrow we had a major leak in the bathdroom that required extensive repair. Tracey knew who to call for water mitigation work and she sourced out the right contractor to do all the repair work. She also did all the coordination and heavy lifting when it came time to provide information to my insurance company to get my insurance claim approved... this translated to recouping thousands of dollars! Tracey competently managed the repair work, kept the buyers informed, and was a true source of calm in a stormy, complicated, sales transaction. Stott Realty = Experience, Professionalism, Reliability, Diligence, Expertise. Because of Tracey and the Stott Team, I could sleep peacefully because I knew my transaction was being managed by a competent group of people that I TRUST. Bottom line... Tracey and her Stott Team are truly top-notch people that have the experience and Aloha to get through any real estate sale even in the toughest of times.
Lisa Park
Tracey and her team did an "outstanding" job in preparing/listing/selling our house. During the listing process she was instrumental in helping us come up with a marketable list price for our townhouse. She personally conducted several open houses for us and once a viable offer was made she handled the final negotiations for us. We had interviewed several realtors and the best decision we made was selecting Stott Realty.
Pat and Linda McMillian
Tracey is a very competent, diligent, real estate agent who brought an authenticity to the business relationship that assisted me in making good decisions regarding the succeccful sale of my condominium. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Tracey Stott Kelley.
Gerald Lorentz
Tracey Stott Kelley was very easy to work with. She is professional and knowledgable but aslo friendly. I especially appreciated that she called on a weekly basis to give us updates. There is no question that if I had more properties to sell, I would call her again.
Dennis and Debra Black
Tracey Stott Kelley and her team provided exceptional service in listing and selling our condominium. Her performance was highly professional. She and her staff maintauned regular communication on the sale status throughout the process. The unit sold in a very timely manner during difficult market conditions. I would highly recommend her.
Mitt Omoto
Tracey and the Stott team are the best! We can't thank Tracey enough for all she did for us with our Kailua condo sale. The sale went really smoothly and the communication was exceptional during the entire selling and escrow period.
Steve and Aisha Wallach
In the middle of this pandemic we decided to sell our rental property from six times zones away. Tracey Stott Kelley was the perfect listing agent to work with. She and her skillful team impressed us with their expertise and people skills. She walked us thorugh the precess step-by-step: a master class in how to sell real estate. As soon as the house went on the market, we received multiple offers well above asking price. Tracey quickly negotiated a fair deal and gained us top dollar for the house. She kept us informed and explained our options at every step through the twist and turns of the sales process, always keeping our best interests in mind. We strongly recommend Tracey and her team.
James and Pam McNaughton
We are so appreciative of all your hard work on our behalf. You folks ROCK! We feel blessed by our relationship with you all,and know that you are part of our Ohana, no matter where we are in the world. Blessings.
Joe C.
Thank you Tracey along with your entire group of professionals, for truly phenomenal job in selling my property in this tough economic enviroment.Once again, you have provided proof of the wisdom of hiring the best, for the most satisfying results. Mahalonui loa, and ALOHA!!!
Vic D.
Alan and I were trying to brainstorm and come up with a good quote for you. We couldn't just pin it down to one sentence. To just give you an idea whatwe're trying to say, we feel that your company made us feel a part of the Stott Family. I think we felt that way from teh first newsletter we read when it was decided we didn't even need to look for any other real estate company (and we never did consider any other company). The most difficult decision was made when we agreed on selling the town home -you made us feel comfortable right from the start and we never looked back. I know you liked the quote, "Made the right decision at the right time", and it's certainly true in our case. From the minute you sat down with us and discussed proceeding with selling the town home, we knew you would take care of us and we were in good hands. We were so impressed with your "down-to-earth" demeanor, you are a real estateprofessional without all the "glits". That meant a lot to us.
Corey S.
Selling your family home after 34 years and closing the Hawaii chapter comeswith a strong jolt to the heart strings. But I got lucky. The Stott Team's motto, "Let our family serve your family" is precisely how they operate. I genuinely felt I was more than a client. I had a place at ther kichen table. They listened to my to my concerns. Responded immediately and went the extra mile at every singlepoint in the process keeping me constantly updated. Tracey and her upbeat positive team, beautifully prepared the property for showing and were true to their guardianship at every open house. They have a perfect understanding ofthe market and promoted it on every level. It sold quickly. My exit from Hawaiiwas filled with a large sense of gratitude tahnks to the genuine care andunderstanding of the sunshine folks of The Stott Team.
Howard A.
Tracey and the Stott Team are masterful Realtors, but that's not all.As an adult child of elderly parents, I hired Tracey to sell our family home. As for many, this was a big life changing event for us that we entrusted to Tracey's extremely capable hands. She led with both her smarts and heart in her holistic approach. She was a fierce ally and negotiator, consistenly keeping a watchful eyeon the bottom line, while remembering and being respectfulthat there were people and lives and a lifetime of history involved.Tracey's keep up to date knowledge of the market was on spot; She knew how to get the most for our property while moving it quickly. We also benefited immensely from her wealth of long term local community relationships, which in Hawaii are proceless commodity, along with her world reach. Tracey and her Team were always a step or more ahead. Quick with house preparedness help, (vendor references,staging,furniture selling), she had us ready for each phase of the process well in advance.Our home sold in a day, for an over-asking price. Under her guiance, we closedwith ease. I couldn't have imagined going through that phase of our lives without Tracey and The Stott Team. Lucky for us didn't have to.
Jim P.
Tracey and her staff completed my home sale while I remained on the mainland. What amazes me is that I feel like I was present at every step of the sale and that we are now friends; I can call on Tracey for any advice at any time.My home presented legal quircks of a 60 year old property, unsettling tenant overstays, and the usual roller coaster of contract negotiations. Tracey and her team greatly minimized my stress facing these factors with their resourceful expertise, the wisdom of timing, and a call for extraordinary PR skills with all of the players. Tracey and Lynelle responded within minutes to every single phone call or email which kept my stress low and my confidence high. After the sale, there was the kind show of gratitude as we all could celebrate a difficult sale. I wish I had lots of houses so I could once again partner with Tracey and her Staff! 
Chi K.
The Stott Team did a great job in a short time and even managed to complete most of the effort while I was unavailable on vacation.
Ronald K.
Professionalism,enthusiasm,and responsiveness to marketing is second to none! Market knowledge and ability to position property for sale is superb.
Jaunita I.
As good as you claimed!
James K.
Really appreciate the personal services, prompt return of phones calls, all questions answered, clear timelines, timely updates, great support throughout the process.
James G.
A simple newsletter gave us insights to the type of people we wanted to dobusiness with. We were so happy with the service and outcome of our sale in Hawaii. They took care of everything and kept us informed every step of theway. Such nice, trust worthy staff. Thanks for all you did for us in selling a property tha was in our family for 40 years!
Ralph S.
Wow! Tracey and Tim were on their game. What a seamless simple process it was to sell and buy with them as our agents. Not an ounce of regrest. They where here for us.
Steven W.
Tracey heled our 86- year old mother sell her condo and move to California. She was patient with her. She went beyond her usual duties. Our mother felt safe with Tracey checking in on her every once in a while. We trust her completely!
Tracey listened to our desires and committed to following them, even while nudging ud towards the rigth decisions. In the end, the quick offers following her recommended changes showed that her strategy was the right one all along. The Team id a well-oiled machine. The entire group was extraordinarily profession, a real demonstration of the high quality service that The Stott Team provides. The whole Team was clearly working in sync.
Angel G.
Tracey was most appreciated for her approachable, warm and friendly personality. She worked diligently, providing us with sound advice, as well as market updates. We noticed that she treated everyone with dignity and respect. We were well informed throughout the entire process.
Brian R.
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