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Tim Kelley and Tracey Stott Kelley purchased their first investment property in 1998 and currently own 15 rental units.  Tim Kelley has led Stott Property Management, LLC since 2004, Karen Texeira has over 25 years experience, and Molly Lindsey has over fifteen years in the business.  Stott Property Management, LLC has solved almost every challenge that can occur with renting a property and has the experience to handle any unique problem that might occur.

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We pride ourselves on prompt communication.  Stott Property Management, LLC has several staff members available during normal office hours to answer the phones and respond to e-mails.  Clients and customers rarely have to navigate a voice-mail system during normal working hours.  Tim Kelley encourages our clients to call or e-mail him if they don’t know whom to ask.  Tim Kelley also periodically calls our clients just to see if they have any questions about their rental property.  There are few property management companies that offer their clients direct communication with the principal broker and owner like Stott Property Management, LLC.


Stott Property Management, LLC aggressively advertises currently vacant properties and upcoming vacancies on the Internet.  Stott Property Management, LLC’s vacancy rates are consistently less than 5% due to establishing asking rents from market data, continually refreshing internet ads, attending property showings with prospective tenants, and providing our clients with recommendations when demand is light or prospective tenants give negative feedback about the property's condition.


Stott Property Management, LLC checks the applicant’s credit history, contacts previous landlords about their experience with the tenant, checks the Hawaii court website for any eviction activity, and verifies employment. Stott Property Management, LLC does not hesitate to turn down any prospective tenant where the screening process identifies red flags.  We also make every effort to obtain a client’s concurrence before approving a tenant applicant. 


Stott Property Management, LLC follows the motto; “it is not what you expect, but what you inspect.”  Stott Property Management, LLC started conducting periodic inspections on all of our rental properties back in 2003 in response to complaints from potential clients that their current property managers had not visited their property for years and had no idea how much damage the property had suffered.  Stott Property Management, LLC was an innovator in providing this service to its clients.


Stott Property Management, LLC takes digital photos when a new tenant checks in.  The photos provide visual data to back up the property inventory and condition form that the tenant signs.  Our clients receive copies of the check-in inspection report with the photos.


Stott Property Management, LLC offers their clients the convenience of electronically depositing their rental proceeds into the bank account of their choosing and will still mail checks to those owners that request it.  Stott Property Management, LLC lets their tenants choose how they want to pay their rent and other charges.  Tenants have to option to pay electronically using their tenant portal, having Stott Property Management, LLC withdraw funds from their checking or savings account at the beginning of the month, mailing checks and money orders, or coming to the office and paying cash.


Less than 5% of Stott Property Management, LLC’s tenants have past due balances due to Stott Property Management, LLC’s careful tenant screening and focus on tenant payments. Stott Property Management, LLC has a system of quickly notifying the tenants and clients of late payments.  There will be times that tenants fall behind regardless of their credit and/or rental history.  Our goal is to collect the rent as soon as possible and/or provide the owner with a satisfactory payment plan until the tenant catches back up.  Stott Property Management, LLC will take the appropriate steps to gain possession of the property if the tenant can’t be reached or if the tenant is uncooperative.


Stott Property Management, LLC uses specially designed software to track tenant charges and payments, generate client statements and reports, track and close repair requests, plan and share property inspections, track lease expiration dates, and schedule showings of vacant properties.  Owners can log into their own portal at any time and pull up their statements, review shared documents, electronically pay negative balances or for upcoming repairs.  Tenants can log into their own portal to pay electronically, make maintenance requests, and review shared documents.


Stott Property Management, LLC has developed two handbooks, one for owners and one for tenants, that helps explain our policies and procedures and clearly outlines the responsibilities of the Client, the Tenant, and Stott Property Management, LLC.


Tim Kelley performs a rental market analysis for all properties about 45-days prior to the expiration date on the lease.  He will then share this data with the client and recommend increases in rent if the market supports it.


Stott Property Management, LLC has gained a detailed and practical knowledge of Hawaii’s Landlord Tenant Code by attending numerous court hearings on behalf of their clients.  Stott Property Management, LLC’s insight extends beyond the information posted on the State of Hawaii’s website.


Some clients have regretted hiring another property manager by initially focusing on the lower fees that some competitors charge.  Some of these clients suffered financial damages that far exceeded any money that they hoped to save or simply got fed up by the lack of service, communication, and market knowledge.  Stott Property Management, LLC understands the significant investment that owners of investment property make and their fees reflect the staffing levels and expertise needed to protect, maintain, and possibly improve upon their investment

Current Oahu Homes for Sale
Area # Price Range
Central Oahu 55 $75k - $3.7m
Ewa Plain 49 $300k - $2.3m
Diamond Head 267 $40k - $37.0m
Hawaii Kai 89 $23k - $18.9m
Kailua 91 $346k - $27.5m
Kaneohe 117 $64k - $3.7m
Leeward Coast 85 $118k - $2.3m
Makakilo 28 $230k - $1.5m
Metro Honolulu 1607 $46k - $15.9m
North Shore 161 $195k - $45.0m
Pearl City 63 $95k - $10.0m
Waipahu 31 $220k - $4.5m
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