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Property Management Testimonials for Stott Property Management LLC Services in Oahu.

Clients describe what it is like to work with Tim Kelley and Stott Property Management LLC. when requesting management services in Oahu real estate.

Client Testimonial
Lynn & Bob have been both Property Management clients and listing clients.
Client Testimonial
Stephen & Deb Cain have been buyer clients, property management clients and listing clients.
Client Testimonial
Jason & Kathy Wood have been both Property Management clients and listing clients.
Client Testimonial
Stott Property Management managed two of Carl Mossberg's properties. He sold one with Stott Real Estate, Inc. In 2021 Carl also sold his second unit with Stott Real Estate Inc.
Client Testimonial
Steve Kittell has been a client for 7 years. Stott has helped him buy his personal residence, buy investment property, sell investment property, and manage investment property.
Client Testimonial
David Brown has sold several properties with Stott Real Estate, Inc. including a 1031 Exchange.

Owner Testimonials

We’ve been with the Stott team for 14 years. They helped us buy our condo, manage it for 11 years, and then sell it for us in 2021 for a fabulous price! They provided us peace of mind as out-of-state owners and made the daunting task of selling our property while stationed overseas a smooth and easy process. The Stott team has always been responsive, thorough and professional with their communication and served as an excellent one-stop source for all of our Oahu real estate needs. 
Sara and Jared Voneida
The BEST team ever1 They have been managing property for almost 7 years now with superb customer service.
Pete Vapor
They work until the rental is accomplished and keep owners informed throughout the process. Very thorough and professional.
Bruce Piel
Stott Property Management Team has always provide excellent service in the management of our property. In addition the entire Stott Team are professionaland always respond promptly.

Thank you for your fine service and caring about your clients.
Richard Puana
Stott has been my property manager for the least tweenty years. Their performance has beenabsolutely superlative by any mesure.This applies to both upper level management and the many staff who have always been outstanding for their courtesy and help.
Miller Grat.
I would strongly recommend Stott PM. After years of working with them, I have found very proffessional, very accommodating, and. very straightforward in their dealings with their clients. They are also very receptive to suggestionsput forward to them that could improve their operations and efficiency. A five star rating is well deserved.
Jean- Michel Gabet.
I am extremely happy with Karen and all the staff at Stott Property Management. They are very on top of things and always get back to me in record time. I will recommend them to anyone looking for property managers and will use them for any present and future property management needs I have!
Melissa Petrichko.
Stott has taken on many of the financial deadlines involved in owing an out-of-state property. Also their money management reporting is excellent for my tax accountant. It helps knowing all the staff serving my needs, too.
Velma Riggs.
I live on the mainland, I have not had to worry about my property. Stott does an excellent job taking care of my house and renters. The managers are fast at keep me informed. I love Tim's check-up phone calls. Mahalo to Stott's team!
Moani Revoir.
Stott has been our property manager for many years. They have always provided outstanding service. We are very grateful to Stott for all they have done to assist us! 
Daniel Heely.
Good communication, promt responses to cencerns of client. No problems with rental unit so far. I would recommend Stott's management services to anyone.
Mary Gomes
Stott Property Management has been a breath of fresh air when it comes to reanting our Townhose. There staff go above and beyond in making sure every detail of property management is taken care of.
Patrick McMillan
This firm has managed the rental of two high rise condos for over nine years. We are very satisfied with their service wihich has always been efficient and profesional.
Wayne C. Colton
Stott comminicates regulary with updated information. Very responsive to questions and concerns.
Roberta Mayor.
We have used Stott Property Management for many years and have nothing but good things to say about this caompany.As out of area owners they take all the worry of not being close to our property away. Over the years they have been very responsive to our needs and have taken great care of our propeerty.
Katheryn Hodge.
We are very thankful to Tim Kelley and the staff at Stott taking care of our property and rental in Kaneohe. They are on the bal for repairs and other problems. Thank you Stott!
Tim Brown
30 Years of Super Service!
Stephen Cain.
We regretfully left our Kailua home for 20 years for a work assigment in Nevada in 2001. Our house was turned over to a property manager recommended by a friend, and things went ok for several years. However, when issues related of the lack of upkeep pf the property came to light, we decided a change was needed. Stott Real Estate was faliliar name, and before we even hired them they recommended contractors to assist us with repairs. Since then, Stott has been all we could hoped for in a property manager. They do periodic inspections, provide feedback on maintenance options, and keep us advised on the ups and downs of market conditions. Tim calls us just to check in in any questions or concerns. Bravo!

P.S. We also enjoy the Stott monthly newsletter, which provides the cirrent market statics plus advice for owners, AND the "Mixed plate of talk story" on any number of happenings in Hawaii.
Paul Wolf.
Stott manage one of my condos and I found them very professional, very organized and I really had to do absolutely nothing!... I would highly recommend them for any real estate needs on the island of Oahu. Stott has helped me buy my personal residence, buy investment property, sell investment property, and manage investment property.
Steve Kittell.
wE HAVE BEEN WITH THE stott team for over 4 years my wife and I own several properties in tye Honolulu area. We're absolutely delighted with the quality of services. We choice the Stott team because of our perception of their integrity, and that has been proven to be the casa, we are very satisfied.
David Brown.
I like Stott Property Management because they are reliable and there is always someone I can get a hold of. I had a dental practice and had employees for 30 years. I like that Stott Property Management has not changed locations adn has had the same employees for years and years. When I walk in they know me and know my properties. My previous manager kept changing locations to small offices in odd spots and there were never the same people there. I also think Stott is reliable and their monthly statements are exactly what I need.
Carl Mossberg.
Current Oahu Homes for Sale
Area # Price Range
Central Oahu 42 $120k - $3.7m
Ewa Plain 54 $319k - $3.0m
Diamond Head 171 $75k - $33.0m
Hawaii Kai 52 $140k - $16.5m
Kailua 54 $398k - $15.6m
Kaneohe 81 $86k - $12.5m
Leeward Coast 91 $118k - $2.4m
Makakilo 18 $165k - $1.6m
Metro Honolulu 1064 $39k - $20.0m
North Shore 82 $249k - $18.5m
Pearl City 71 $60k - $10.0m
Waipahu 24 $185k - $1.2m
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