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Pet Friendly Advantages

Pet Friendly Advantages

Landlords enjoy the following advantages when renting a pet-friendly property here on Oahu.  Many tenants have pets and pet-friendly rental properties attract greater interest than comparable rental properties that do not allow.  The increased demand results in:

  • Higher rents for a similar rental
  • Lower vacancy rates
  • Landlords can require a pet deposit in addition to a security deposit.
  • Tenants may handle any setbacks better because his or her pet is a calming presence.

 The upside of allowing pets usually outweighs the potential downside or risks.  Pets, like people, do have accidents and make mistakes.  Ultimately, it is the action or lack of action by the tenant that will determine if that accident becomes a bigger problem.  Stott Property Management, LLC has had to clean up bigger messes from poorly behaved tenants without pets than responsible tenants with pets.

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Ewa Plain 54 $319k - $3.0m
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Kailua 54 $398k - $15.6m
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Pearl City 71 $60k - $10.0m
Waipahu 24 $185k - $1.2m
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